Operating Guidelines

Guidelines on the operation of outdoor advertisements and signage

Pursuant of the foregoing statutory regulatory mandate, DOAS wishes to announce the following the following guidelines for the deployment and operation of outdoor advertisement and signage and mobile adverts in the FCT, viz posters, billboards, banners, flexes, mobile ads hoarding auto-branding and other out-of-home signage:

  • Every outdoor structure owned by a corporate entity must be registered with DOAS by its owner. Such owner shall provide his/her registration number and reference code with application for a permit. No structure shall be erected without its registration code being dully sealed or mounted on it.
  • Outdoor advertising agents or individuals should note that advert billboards, mobile ads and any other campaign materials MUST ONLY be deployed and operated by qualified and DOAS certified registered outdoor advertising practitioners.
  • All outdoor advertisers and practitioners within the FCT are to pay their fees, levies and other revenues to the Department of Outdoor Advertisement and signage (DOAS) with effect from 1st January, 2015 and not the area councils or any of their bodies


  • Any outdoor advertiser, practitioner, group or individual within the FCT who pays his/her outdoor advertising fees, levies, etc. to any other organization, group or individual other than DOAS does so at their risk and to their detriment as DOAS SHALL NOT be liable to any such illegal payment
  • It is illegal for any outdoor advertiser group or individual to erect, construct, enlarge or modify an outdoor advert structure or signage without FIRST being registered with DOAS
  • Owners and Operators of existing structures SHALL complete and submit such prescribed application forms to DOAS and apply for the relevant permit in line with the regulatory laws.The aforementioned stakeholders and members of the public are by this announcement, strictly warned to comply with these guidelines as any group or individual caught violating these rules and regulations shall face the wrath of the law
  • Law enforcement agents have been put on alert to arrest and prosecute any defaulter or miscreant who sabotages the FCT Administrations efforts aimed at sanitizing the environment in the FCT.