Department of outdoor advertisement and signage(DOAS),FCTA is a regulatory body established and charged with the responsibility of regulating and controlling advertising practice in the FCT.General Mandate: in line with the provision of its enabling law(the six FCT Area Councils Delegations at their Control and Regulation of Outdoor Advertisement and Signage to DOAS-Bye-Laws;2012.B705-7080),DOAS;

  • Issues licenses and permits for the construction and placement of outdoor advertisement structures in all parts of the FCT.It also rejects, revokes or modifies such licenses or permits if found to be in violation of any the provisions of the Bye-Law or any other conditions for its grant
  • Supervises and enforces the procedure and guidelines for the regulations of ownership specific regulations as contained in the enabling Bye-Law.
  • Monitor and inspects all outdoor structures to ensure that they are carefully designed, erected and maintained or removed whenever it is no longer in use to avoid potential damage to lives and property
  • Also ensures that outdoor structures are compatible with surrounding land uses and environmental protection regulations while further ensuring the beautification of the immediate surroundings of the advertisement
  • Controls the numbers, size and location of outdoor structures in order to sanitize and protect the environment from the adverse effects of visual blights
  • Issues bills, levies as well as collects all revenue from outdoor advertisers and other related matters including the enforcement of revenue collection.
  • Establishes a data base of all outdoor structures used for signage/advertisement and other related matters-site owners, operators and their locations

DOAS Services

Third Party Registration

Bill-Boards, Mega Boards,Iconic Bill-Boards, LEDS

Second Party Registration

Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Security Organizations, Bilateral Organizations, Foreign Missions, Embassies

First Party Registration

Wall Signage, Roof Signage Free, Standing Signage, Wall Drape


Generation and collection of annual signage bills, practitioner licences renewal

About The Department

The Department of outdoor advertisement and signage was setup with the primary responsibility to regulate and standardize the outdoor advertisement and signage system in the FCT

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